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Hampton Repair Workshop

The Hampton repair Workshop

The Hampton Repair Workshop was established in 2001 by Leonard Lamprell. Leonard has been a musician for over 30 years and built his first guitars in the early 1980's, his real passion though has always been for repair and restoration and to this end he began L A Guitars in Ayr,  Scotland in 1991. Having been an accomplished sax player for nearly 20years Leonard sought to expand the business to include woodwind instruments and moved to London to study Woodwind design and construction at London Guildhall University. His workshop is situated in Hampton, Southwest London.

Leonard has a wealth of experience and knowledge built up over thirty years in music and as always, the emphasis of the business is on customer service and high quality repairs at reasonable rates. He specialises in Guitar and woodwind repairs and some details of the services which he carries out are given below:

Guitar Repairs

Set ups - A set up involves the adjustment of the string height at the bridge and nut, truss rod adjustment, neck angle(bolt on necks)and the setting of the string radius in relation to the fingerboard. From £30.00

Re-string - Polish frets, clean and oil fingerboard , tighten and adjust machineheads. From £15.00

Standard full service from £70.00

Re-string and Fret dressing

Fret dressing - Fret dressing refers to the levelling and reshaping of worn frets. From £45.00

Partial Refrets - S ometimes where only a few frets are very badly worn, rather than level the full board, the worn frets are removed and replaced with new fret wire to match the original. From £60.00

Full refrets - A full refret is required when the frets are so worn or have been dressed so often as to make them too low to re- dress. Unbound rosewood board from £110.00

Partial Refret

Woodwind Repairs

Set-up: This involves a full inspection of the instrument and all key mechanisms, pads are correctly seated where necessary and all regulation adjustments are made, all rod and pillar joints are lubricated.

Re Pad: This is basically a service option where all pads are changed and all corks and springs are changed where necessary.


Service: This involves a full inspection of the instrument and all key mechanisms before stripping it down. Play is taken up on loose keys and the pillars and keys are all cleaned and polished. Further work is then carried out on plastic and wooden instruments to bring them back up to specification.
Before Clarinet is Repaired

Typical Costs

Set up Service Re Pad
Clarinet £35.00 £75.00 £120.00
Oboe £50.00 £110.00 £185.00
Flute £50.00 £110.00 £185.00
Soprano Sax £55.00 £120.00 £295.00
Alto Sax £45.00 £110.00 £280.00
Tenor Sax £45.00 £110.00 £280.00
Baritone Sax £60.00 £145.00 £320.00
After Clarinet is Repaired

Further Details

Further details can be found by visiting his website


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