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Brass and Woodwind RepairsRoger Price Brass and Woodwind Services

Roger Price is a professional member of the National Association of Musical Instrument Repairers and has now been repairing brass and woodwind instruments since 1986. During this time he has repaired more than 5,000 instruments, which have come from all over the United Kingdom (and a few beyond). The complexity of these repairs has varied between routine servicing to major restoration work, where most people might have considered the instrument beyond repair. To accomplish this work he has developed comprehensive workshop facilities with a wide range of specialist tools. Many of these are of his own design, making use of his earlier background of 22 years as a metallurgist in the engineering industries. The types of instruments that Roger repairs are bassoons, clarinets, cornets, euphoniums, flutes, French horns, oboes, piccolos, saxophones, tenor horns, trombones, trumpets, and tubas.

His services include

Roger Price Repair Services

  • All work carried out in our own well-equipped workshop.
  • All work carried out by a trained and experienced craftsman.
  • All work guaranteed.
  • All work carried out within agreed costs and timescale.
  • Same day service by appointment.
  • Valuations supplied for insurance.
  • Traditional repair skills combined with the latest technical know-how to give very good repairs.
  • Modifications carried out to meet any special requirements.
  • Insurance work undertaken.
  • Second-hand instruments supplied with full service support

The majority of Roger's work comes by personal recommendation. He takes real pride in his work, but as an efficient craftsman in a very well equipped workshop his charges are surprisingly affordable.

Repair Work Undertaken

Woodwind:    Checkovers, servicing, repadding, recorking, respringing, crack pinning, broken tenon repairs, saxophone bodywork, keywork modifications etc

Brass:    Servicing, dent removal, resoldering, brazing, making and fitting patches/guards, valve work, trombone slide dents and re-alingments, special modifications etc.

Repairing A Brass Instrument

Examples of the cost of a repair are:

Flute, full overhaul and repad/recork £90
Bb Clarinet, full overhaul and repad/recork


Alto Saxophone, full overhaul and repad/recork £180
Cornet, cure sticking valves £30



Second Hand Used Instruments

Roger also has a range of second hand used instruments which can be supplied with the following guarantees:

  • Guaranteed for 12 months normal usage
  • 70% guaranteed buyback on student/beginners instruments for 9 months

Second Hand Used InstrumentsThese are all overhauled before sale (except for a few special collectors instruments which are identified as such) to put them in good playing condition. They are all supplied with cases, mouthpieces and slings where appropriate unless specified otherwise..

For woodwind instruments this means that all pads, corks and springs are in good condition and the keywork is in good condition and correctly regulated, tenons are a good fit and the instrument is generally in good playing condition. The 'cosmetic appearance' of the instrument is usually described and reflected in the price.

For brass instruments it means that valves and slides are working correctly, there are no leaks or broken joints and none of the dents in the instrument are judged likely to affect the correct playing of the instrument and again the instrument is generally in good playing condition. The 'cosmetic appearance' of the instrument is described (i.e. any lacquer or plating wear and any residual dents judged impractical or uneconomic to remove) and again is reflected in the price.

Other details and further examples of costs can be found on his website



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