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Roger Williams - Guitar Maker

Roger Williams - Guitar Maker

Roger Williams provides a very professional service in making Handmade Classical, Flamenco and Acoustic Guitars, as well as restoring and repairing guitars.

He has worked with his hands, at various crafts, for most of his life both as a hobby and for a livelihood. He purchased the materials for his first guitar in 1970 and since then he has restored, repaired and built many hundreds of guitars and string instruments for discerning professional and amateur musicians.

Classical GuitarHis handmade Classical guitars are based on principles established by the early Spanish master Antonio de Torres, refined by the German maker Herman Hauser and latterly developed by existing makers Jose Romanillos and Kevin Aram.  His Flamenco guitars are influenced by Marcel Barbero and Manuel Reyes.  Roger's guitars also incorporate innovative features of his own which employ some of the latest advances in acoustic research and instrument dynamics.  His special finger-style acoustic guitar , designed and built for Gordon Giltrap , follows the same design and construction philosophy as his Classical guitars, resulting in a very light and responsive instrument.  His work emphasises elegance and simplicity of design, quality of materials and precision of workmanship, resulting in the highest quality sound and playability.

Every guitar that Roger builds is special and individual.  Sometimes it will be built with a specific customer in mind; at other times he will build just for the sheer pleasure of designing and developing something new and beautiful.

Re-frettingRoger also undertake restorations, and repairs providing a professional repair service to numerous amateur and professional musicians; he is also the recommended luthier for the Stafford Classical Guitar Centre, and the Midlands warranty agent for Brook Guitars .  He specialises in recommending and fitting pickup and transducer systems to all types of acoustic guitars. 

Restorations, modifications and repairs are carried out to the highest standards of quality and workmanship in a modern, well-equipped workshop. Numerous professional musicians entrust their instrumentswith Roger. He has repaired, restored, modified and setup many of Gordon Giltrap's instruments - you will be in very good company if he works on your guitar! 

Finger-style guitar Compare prices by all means but then judge the quality and accuracy of workmanship .  All repairs are guaranteed and come with a "no fix, no fee" assurance.

If you would like Roger to provide an estimate for your repair or restoration then please contact him,   and when he replies, he will require you to send him a few digital pictures (max 100Kb each), he will then be pleased to give you an initial estimate for the work (obviously subject to actual examination of the instrument!).

Further Details about his work including his high quality handbuilt guitars can be found on his website

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