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'Manns Music' was established 149 years ago in 1854 by Mr Frederick Mann. It is the oldest music shop in Great Britain, and possibly the world, under the same ownership.

Manns is currently run by Tim Mann, the great great grandson of the founder. They moved to their current location in 1891 and have been there ever since. They retailed the first iron framed pianos before the first world war for less than half the cost of a modern day tuning!

Over the last 149 years they have retailed virtually all musical products from Wireless Sets and Gramophones before the first world war for around 10 guineas, vertical and overstrung pianos for between 30 and 40 guineas in the twenties, Pathescope home cinema movie cameras in the fifties for £6:15:0. They now sell over 15,000 stock lines, from reeds and strings, to brass and woodwind, a huge stock of printed music, both electric and acoustic guitars and electronic and acoustic pianos. Indeed it could be said there are few music shops in the UK with such a large and diverse stock.

They have been offering the best prices on the top products to the general public since 1854; they are a family run business that has been operating for 149 years. Unlike their competitors they do not offer a price promise, because we have done their homework for you. You can choose products from their online catalogue knowing that you are getting the best possible price in the market place today.

Manns Music is truly your one stop shop for everything musical.

Further Details can be found on their website

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