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Rachael Wherry - Haxby, York

Rachael Wherry Piano and Oboe TuitionRachael has 20 years experience of Piano teaching. It is her full time job and she loves it! She teaches all grades up to Grade 7 and enters candidates for the Associated Board exams if they wish to do them. Rachael has experience of teaching pre-school music and enjoys teaching all ages from young beginners to mature learners. She has a waiting list for lessons in the evenings and weekends but has plenty of space during 'working hours' . At present she has a special offer on a mature learners starter package. My normal rates are £11 for a half hour lesson, £16.50 for three quarters of an hour and she only teaches from her Haxby home.
Rachael enjoys teaching music theory as an integral part of the lessons with her pupils.  She is quite happy however to teach people music theory on its own, should they need to do this for any reason.  Many pupils come to her especially to study for their Grade 5 Theory Exam. Each student needs a notebook.  In this book Rachael writes comments and suggestions on the work they have prepared.  She will then detail work to be done for the next lesson. She will also offer Oboe Tuition.

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