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Music ExamsThe Associated Board Of the Royal Schools Of Music is the leading provider of music exams in the world. A range of exams have been developed by the ABRSM who have over 100 years experience in the field of music. The exams provide a goal or a target for any student to work towards and act as a great motivator especially when the student passes an exam. It also helps to increase practice and learning especially when there is an exam on the horizon. The exams are graded in 8 carefully leveled steps, 1 being the first and 8 being the hardest or last one, although students can carry on and do Diplomas afterwards. There is also a Prep Test for those students who have been playing an instrument for about 9 months. Success in the exam provides a real sense of achievement. A certificate is awarded which can then be framed and given its pride of place at home or at school.

The Prep Test covers 4 areas which include basic exercises, a set piece or song, an own-choice piece or song, simple aural tests. A certificate is then awarded with no pass or fail but positive comments about the students ability and how they can improve.


The Grades go up from 1 to 8. They all include a section on Theory, an Aural Test, Practical Musicianship and then a section specific to the instrument they are playing. They take a lot of hard work and practice especially when you take the higher grade exams which means that there is a great feeling of achievement when one of these exams is passed.

ABRSM Music ExamsIn 2004 another series of exams was set up which had been developed over a few years. These are the Music Medals which are aimed at instrumentalists at the very earliest stages of learning,and recognises the achievement of group taught pupils. There are five progressive levels of Medal assessment: Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.The Copper Medal is approachable for most pupils during their first year of study, while each subsequent Medal has been positioned broadly as an annual target.

Most of the exam structures are flexible and you can enter them at a time which best suits you. If you want to find out more about the exams, their syllabus, how to prepare, how to enter, and read up on the advice for parents visit the website of the The Associated Board Of the Royal Schools Of Music.

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