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Where to Learn And Practice A Musical Instrument

Where To Learn A Musical InstrumentMany Local Education Authority Music Services provide a range of opportunities for all ages. All through the week they will provide music lessons on a range of instruments, and some LEAs will offer Saturday morning activities as well. The tuition varies in cost from LEA to LEA as a rough idea you could pay about £13 per individual half hour session of which you may need to book about 10 or about £60 for a group membership for a term. The best thing to do is to contact your school to see what they can provide, and then the LEA to see what they can provide and at what cost. To get an idea of the opportunities that are available visit the website of Northamptonshire County Council

Another option is to look through the Yellow pages to find a music teacher of which there should be a few.

Practicing a Musical InstrumentOnce you or your child is booked on a course or is having lessons it will be extremely important to practice anything they have learnt. It is important that the practice is enjoyable and does not become a chore, otherwise the child or person will lose interest. In order to motivate and maintain the interest it has got to be fun. If possible it should become a regular routine and for younger children it should be done in bite size pieces of say no longer than 10 minutes. It helps if you listen to your children and offer them encouragement and praise whenever you can. If you want to find out more about some useful pointers on practicing a musical instrument visit the website of the Associated Board of the Royal College of Music which can be found on our Useful Websites page.




Band Practice

If you are a member of a band looking for somewhere to practice in the Lancaster area, the Lancaster Musician Co-operative have some excellent facilities for hire.They include the following:

To find out further information visit their website


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