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Starting To Learn A Musical Instrument

Learning aMusical InstrumentA lot of children can have a lot of fun with a musical instrument before they start going to formal lessons. If you have a piano or keyboard in the house many a young child will want to investigate the sounds that they make by tapping the keys or even pressing down on a combination of keys. A popular instrument at a young age is the recorder as it is light, easy to handle and quick to get a tune out of. As children grow then they are able to hold and deal with other instruments like the guitar which can be bought in a junior size. Once your child has experienced investigating the sounds that these instruments make, the next step will be to try and play a tune. If there is someone musical in the family, their help and advice should result in some easy tunes being played. There are now plenty of teach yourself music books around which are easy to pick up and shows your younger ones how to play a simple tune.

Whilst your child is at Primary School there will be plenty of opportunity for them to go to extra lessons involving playing a musical instrument, details of which can be found on the LEA Music Services website. Two of which are

Thurrock County Council

Northamptonshire County Council

Learning To Play The GuitarWhen you start playing a musical instrument you need to feel comfortable with it, some instruments are better for younger players as they come in a range of sizes,like the recorder, piano and guitar. Some instruments like the brass or woodwind instruments require you to learn a breathing technique which puts a lot of pressure on the front teeth, therefore it is considered better to wait until they have their second set of teeth. More advice on which type of musical instrument can be found in the next page of this website Which Musical Instrument.

Further information on starting to learn an instrument can be found on the website below:

BBC h2g2

Whilst your child is learning a lot of praise and encouragement should pay dividends.


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