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Welcome to the World of Music which gives YOU unique opportunities to learn, create and perform.

Have you always wanted to play an instrument? What are you waiting for? Gone are the days of the stuffy old teachers peering over their bi-focals. We are passionate that music is for everyone and offer you new "musical experiences" conducted by professional musicians for all ages, styles and abilities. You can even "play it yourself" via our distant learning programme. We look after all your musical needs, ambitions and aspirations.

Do you wish you'd never given up? Then stop wishing and start playing, book some refresher lessons, join and ensemble or why not try a new instrument?

Already a musician? Then join us. We have many different ensembles, workshops and activities catering for amateur and professional musicians and obtain discounts to shows, concerts and festivals.

Big Band Jam

It is believed that 21% of the UK play music and more than 8 million lapsed players would like to play again. What's more 70% of people who have never played an instrument wish they did! Which one are you?

Grrr's World of Music aim to be the largest network of musicians operating for musicians creating greater music diversity. Still don't believe me? Then why not book a trial lesson, play with an ensemble, embark on an excursion or enjoy an event? Believe your ears, making music is fun AND good for you and how often do you hear that? So go on... PLAY ON!

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